Signs of the end…

…of the longest Winter of my life. These past few months I have been going stir crazy. Not only because I needed a way to express myself, but because of the weather. Weather so frigid that it was too cold for snow, or just warm enough that we were piled with snow day after day. Not that I don’t like snow, just not that much of it. I think the main reason for my annoyance with Winter this year was because it was my first Winter after college. Those four years of college, where I met so many amazing people that will mean the world to me forever, went by so fast. Not in a bad way, but in a “I’m having so much fun I don’t even know what day it is” way. One day it was homecoming, and the next it was Spring Break. Which is why I feel like this was my first winter in five years. Finally, it is starting to look and feel like Spring…and I definitely have Spring fever. : )

What this is about.

Recently I decided that I needed a creative outlet. Not that I consider myself an artist or would want anyone esle to think that I was…but I haven’t been able to express myself. I realized that all throughout college, and even high school, I was always involved in some kind of art class, or extra-curricular activity to focus my energy on. ¬†Whether I was in a class for writing, editing, photography, graphic design, ceramics, and so on, I was always learning something new, and focusing my time on it. Even in between classes I was my own person, doing my own thing.. cooking, exercising, working on things for this club or that club. After graduation that was all put on hold and packed away into boxes. And lately I’ve been feeling deprived…and its harder for me to admit that when I’m talking to you face to face, so I figured I’d write it down.

That’s what this is. This is me. I have always had a thing for photography and if you know me, then you know that. Whether I’m considered a photographer or not, its fun. I was always the one with the camera, and always the one with the pictures that everyone wanted to see. Putting pictures on facebook isn’t enough for me. This isn’t about taking pictures of friends and sharing them for all to see.. this is about me just having fun and documenting my life in a way that I enjoy and in a way that I think can help me grow as a person. And maybe to help me stop feeling so crazy.

Don’t get me wrong, pictures of friends are sure to surface, because of how much they mean to me, but this is just a place for me to express myself. Im positive that things other than my own photographs will get mixed up in this mess, thats just how I am. I get off track, and I get distracted by things and by myself. This is who I am.

I hope whoever reads this will enjoy it as much as I think I will.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.”