Oh hello….

I’m backkkk! So if you’ve read my last two posts (from over a year ago…) you’d think I was a major hypocrite. I went on and on about how I needed a creative outlet and then BOOM I disappear. What happened? Life. It’s the only explanation I have. I got busy and I found myself. I found what I was looking for, and you know what? It was right under my nose.

My summer job was always just that…a job that I had in the summer. Even worse, it was for family. No that it’s a bad thing but when you grow up in a family that owns multiple businesses you try hard to not get involved. I repelled it my whole life. I always helped out and worked for extra cash but when asked “are you going to take over for your mom?” the answer was always a definite no.

Things change.

Since I moved home from college (already two years ago!) I’ve had an internship at a catering company as marketing/pr intern, I applied to random jobs, thought for a quick minute that I’d move to Colorado, dropped that and thought of NYC, dropped that and just kept working where I was. Where was I? Morris County Farms. My moms pride and joy. The ginormous garden center that I’ve known my whole life.

This time it’s different. I’m not just another extra college kid who’s there to help out in the summer. I took on responsibility. It wasn’t given to me, I just decided to take it. People started asking me what to do and relying on me to make decisions. And I fell in love with my job. I spend my days in the sun running around and answering customer’s questions. I interact with people and use my publicity background. I’m in heaven.

Soo… I’m sorry for disappearing and being hypocritical. But I found what I needed and now I’m back and ready to talk about my life.

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