Soul mates

You know those people? The ones that you find that fit you so perfectly but can be so totally different from you? I have them…and I miss them. We are like one big jigsaw puzzle. We have the quiet one that will suddenly drop a witty (hysterical) remark at the most perfect time. The snarky tell-it-like-it-is little tiny redhead. The reserved one whose wild side breaks free every once in a while when she can’t hold it in anymore. The party animal who will never pass up a good night of drinking with friends. The one that you call when you need to be talked off the ledge… And then, at any given moment, one of them will go through a change or have a wild night, and we will all mold into who we need to be for that person at that time.

I think I’m lucky. I found all if these people by chance and have held on to them for a long time. Don’t ever take your friends for granted and don’t ever leave them behind.





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