Healthy happiness

Today I was thinking about my health… Ive been through a lot. Those who are close to me know that I struggled for a few years in college, I know Im only 23 and Im still a baby, but that was the hardest thing I think Ill ever deal with in my life. My health was so depleted that people were honestly scared for my life.

My nutritionist (who I see twice a month) says it was a blessing in disguise. I guess I was sick for a long time and didn’t realize that I should feel better than I did. Now that I look back on high school I realize that I was not living a very healthy life at all.

Heres what happened in a short and sweet version..

I was a sophomore in college and happy as a clam. I started taking a new birth control, for obvious girly reasons, and things started to quickly go downhill. Pretty much I took my unhealthy body, and made things worse. I mean every single day was worse than the last. I went from being a normal college kid to a depressed, anxious mess. I was having anxiety attacks every few minutes, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, couldn’t focus etc. I was a MESS and I was terrified.  Luckily this started a couple days before Thanksgiving, so I was on my way home to be with family. It was horrible. I cried all day every day and drove everybody nuts.

Blah Blah Blah… went to tons of doctors, and found nothing. Finally, I started seeing my nutritionist who had been my chiropractor for years. He saved my life. Four years later, Im back to myself and more in tune with my body than I ever was.

Four years is a long time but I did everything holistically. My hormones had basically shut down, which in turn shut down my whole body. This is why Im so health conscious now and pay so much attention to what I put into my body.

Let me tell you, a balanced body is the best thing you could ever ask for. Im at a healthy weight, I have amazing energy, Im happy, my skin is clear, my hair is nicer than its ever been in my entire life.. and its all because I live a healthy, clean lifestyle.

I guess I wrote this post for my self. I think I needed a reminder about how bad things were, and how I never thought Id feel normal again. Today I can say I feel normal. Those people who got me through that hard time will forever be in my heart.

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