My devotion to greens

Lately I’ve been eating a lot of the same things. I think they may be my favorite foods but I hate saying I have favorites because I love to eat so many different things.

They are all greens!


I can not get enough kale. When I finish up a bunch I freak out a little bit because I feel like I should ALWAYS have kale on hand. The chewy/crunchiness of it is incredible. It’s so easy to make too. Sometimes I just toss it in olive oil and a little bit of salt and throw it in a pan for a couple of minutes. Other times I toss it in the same ingredients and broil it to make it extra crunchy. (BE CAREFUL! I lit it on fire when I was in the Outer Banks because I was toooo distracted!)
I also like to mix it in with other veggies (eggplant!) or scrambled eggs. Yum.


So refreshing. The peppery, slightly bitter crunch of arugula is awesome. My favorite way to eat arugula is under a tomato salad with a little bit of balsamic vinegar.  I also will nibble on a couple of leaves if I open the fridge to find some sort of snack. I find that I always eat arugula and tomatoes on the side of a nice juicy steak.. maybe they are just a nice match.

I guess my guilty pleasures could be SO much worse… but these two greens are heavenly.

Does anyone have any good recipes for arugula or kale? Or a suggestion on how to put them together?


Primal Blueprint

I want to talk a little about the Primal Blueprint. As I’ve mentioned, when I was away on vacation a couple of weeks ago my friend’s boyfriend introduced me to the primal way of life. It intrigued me so much that I bought the book and a cookbook to get a feel for this way of life.

Technically, I’m already half way there. I don’t eat wheat or sugar (for the most part), and I eat vegetables like a fiend. So why not go the extra mile and see what else I should cut out?

So far so good… except I dont think I could ever give up potatoes.. nope definitely not. Maybe I can cut back. But give up? Never.

Also having a hard time parting ways with oats. I’m not a huge fan of hot oatmeal…but since I rediscovered oats recently and started making overnight oats…I can’t give them up either.

I’ve decided that I’m going to use this blueprint as just that – a foundation – but one of the things I love about it most is that the diet isn’t really a diet, but a way of life. And part of the regimen is to cheat occasionally and to enjoy your life.

What a way to live by.

Check out

He’s the guru… and he’s entertaining.

Since this was a short post, I’m going to leave you with a quick recipe/idea.

If you are sick of plain old chicken spice it up with some Jose….

Tequila Lime Chicken:

Marinade chicken in some tequila (just enough to moisten)
And squeeze a whole lime over it!

The tequila & citrus soften the chicken and soaks right into it.


Happy Sunday!