Chit chat

This post has no purpose at all. I feel like I have so much I want to say and show on my blog but if I put it all out there it will just turn into a giant mess. So…since I want to blog about everything I do all the time, Im going to attempt to make myself a schedule. I’m thinking four posts a week is pretty ambitious and pretty balanced at the same time. That way I can give myself some time to think, but also not feel bad for not posting something every single day. So here is my new schedule, totally made up out of thin air…


Monday’s – Miscellaneous (I figure since sometimes I’ll go do something random or fun on the weekend and then can talk about it)

Wednesday – Photos (I take photos of a lot of stuff, so this way I can share whatever I want in photos)

Friday – Recipe (I will share one every friday, just in time for the weekend so everyone will have time to try and make it too)

Sunday – Review (I like to try new things and review them. Maybe a new food, or a new store, anything really.)


Lets see how this goes. I think it will help me clear my thoughts…

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with a Halloween picture from this past weekend of the cop the cat and the pig.


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