Catching up – Hurricane Sandy


Let me start by saying I was SO proud of myself this week for making myself a posting schedule.. and then Sandy came. Tuesday morning I went to work knowing I probably wouldn’t be there the entire day. I walked in the door surprised to see that the majority of my other coworkers had shown up as well. We spent the morning prepping for the storm, hiding tender plants, tying things down and unloading a last minute truck that raced up the coast from Florida to beat the hurricane. Around lunchtime when the rain and wind started we all headed home to safety. Tuesday and Wednesday were a mess. We lost hundreds of trees, power, phones, and so on.
I live in northwest New Jersey, so the destruction that we see here isn’t nearly what others did, but it was still bad.

So since I missed my Wednesday photo post due to no internet and no power I’ll share my aftermath photos today…

This would be my road.. the day after the storm. Cut by angry neighbors who don’t need tree chippers to clear their roads:

The day after the worst of the storm, my parents and I went on a drive to the next town over. We wanted to look in on my grandparents and check out the damage. On the way home we stopped at the grocery store to buy some quick ingredients to cook for our tired, cold neighbors (we have a generator).

Its extremely weird to shop in a dark grocery store! They have a generator but its only enough to run emergency lights and registers. We were there the first day that they had no power, but Im sure they had to throw most of their produce away.

My mom made a huge pot of her own chicken soup, and a huge pot of a new potato leek soup recipe that she wanted to try. We invited over some neighbors, let them all take hot showers, and fed them hot food.

Our giant family dinner

How did you weather the storm?

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