Surfin for bloggers

Today I had another day off, but just like yesterday, was up super early with things to do. I had an 8 a.m. Nutrition appointment (in the dark!). My Nutritionist’s office is in the section of our town that is still without power. It was fine though, he doesn’t need any electric to give a solid appointment. Anyway, I came home to have breakfast with a friend and then started playing on the internet.

Today is Foodie Pen Pal match day!! I was super excited to get the email telling me who I will be sending a care-package to. Since I received the FPP email this morning I was on The Lean Green Bean reading more about the program. I found the reveal page for last month and was surfing through all of the blogger’s posts. It was really fun to read about what they were receiving and what they had sent to others. By doing this I found a new blog, Spinach and Skittles, which I love. Leila is a Foodie Pen Pal, a new mom, and just plain honest. I read all of her reveals (almost a whole year of pen pal boxes!) and spent lots of time on her site. I also found A Spoonful of Sunshine. Theresa is a foodie and a water junkie. I love reading about California water babies. : )

Just wanted to share two of my new favorite blogs to follow. Have a good week!

Spinach and Skittles

A Spoonful of Sunshine


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