My grocery list

For some reason people are really interested in what other people eat. I am one of those people…and I think its totally normal. Food is something that bonds everyone in the entire world. We all need food to survive, but we also use it to socialize and explore. I think we live vicariously through what each other eats…

With that said, I want to share my grocery list. This isn’t enough food for me to survive through the week, (I still live with my parents, so I dont need to shop like that) but these are the foods that get me through the week. Does that make sense? Im a snacker! My mom always jokes with me that I’m always eating. Its true.. I rarely stop, but because of that my metabolism is higher than its ever been in my life, and I weigh less than I did in high school and definitely college. (At 24 most people’s bodies are already slowing down, but mine is starting to speed up!).

Here is a lovely list of what I bought my little snacky self this week.


-Tostito Natural Blue Corn Chips – my favorite chips in the whole world, thin & crispy.

-Sabra hummus x 2. One with roasted red peppers for work, and one with garlic for home. To pair lovingly with my blue chips.

-Two bins of cherry tomatoes for either salads or to eat alone.

-Two bins of blackberries (mostly because they were on sale for buy one get one free.) So yummy.

-Kalamata olives from the olive bar also for salads or to eat alone. I think I have an olive addiction.

-A bag of sweet mixed lettuces, and butter crunch. I love all kinds of lettuces, and these two caught my eye this day.

-Gluten free bread for those times you just need a slice. Breakfast, lunch, snacktime. An easy fix. :)

-Green apples. My fave crunchy snack while at work. Sometimes eaten with almond butter or natural peanut butter.

-Mushrooms to sautee with eggplant, kale, eggs, I eat them with everything.

-Those pesky egg noodles I couldn’t get when I wanted pad thai! I saw them and snagged them for next time.

-Then theres my sweet side (which isn’t that sweet. Im not a sugar fan..)


-As I’ve said before I LOVE dark chocolate. But I also love fruit leather. Its sweet, but also kind of tangy.. which is something Im into.

What are some staples that you can’t leave the grocery store without buying?