Everything’s bigger in Texas..colds included.

I thought I’d come home from Texas with an¬†awesome¬†blog post, full of photos from wacky restaurants and funny stories from my travels. Nope. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time and ate at some very cool places, but this trip was work. Long, hard, mental and physical work.

We were up at 7 every morning, at breakfast by 8, and then shopping from 9 in the morning until 6 at night. For six days. You have to remember what you still have in stock, remember what you buy at each place, and remember to not buy the same item at another vendor. Yikes. Sounds easy, but its mind-blowing. You also have to decide what your themes will be for the year, and decide what you want your customers to want for Christmas. Yup, we make the rules kids. It was very cool to learn, but very hard to keep up with. I have a new appreciation for what my mother is capable of.

The Dallas Market is like a huge shopping mall, bigger than you’ve ever been in, full of vendors and brands. Three different sections in just the one building, twelve stories high. With secret hallways that lead you into totally separate sections. Did I mention mind-blowing yet?

We spent the 6 days of shopping dodging crazy Texas blondes in wacky outfits with pull-behind suitcases, dealing with pushy salesmen, and flamboyant-eye-makeup-wearing men. One entire 8 hour day was spent with one salesman in one booth. Thank god he was one of the more entertaining, less pushy salesmen who insisted on taking us to dinner the next night.

I developed a nasty cold towards the end of the trip. Im not surprised… 7 nights in a hotel and long shopping days getting pushed around by strangers is definitely grounds for illness. A four hour plane ride home with a fever and sinus pressure though = not fun. I’ve been home in bed for two days now.. hoping to get back into humanity tomorrow. Im beat.

Here are a few photos from our trip.

Just a taste of the building we were in.



An awesome snowy Christmas display.




Alice in Wonderland, or Honey I shrunk the kids?



Fall inspiration.

Signage inspiration for myself!


Apparently pansies thrive all Winter-long in Dallas. My mom wanted to roll around in them. So pretty.


Ma trying on the merchandise.


Glass inspiration.


My best friends for the last two days. Im on tissue box number four. I’m not used to being sick!

Oh, and these Flax Paks from Carrington Farms are awesome! They come in 12 ready-to-eat packets. I’ve been dumping them into my soup, but they are also great to put on salads or in sauces. I’ve also added them to Green Monsters! An easy way to boost Omegas and Fiber (and to get me healthy again).


Business as usual

Hey guys, just checking in. I’ve been in Dallas for about three days now and have only turned my computer on twice. Quickly last night, and now.

This place is insane. Its like a huge shopping mall full of wholesale vendors, displays, etc. It goes on for miles and after a couple hours of it you turn into a zombie covered in glitter. We do at least 10 hours a day, but we may be doing more today.

After spending thousands and thousands of dollars and attempting to plan what our customers Christmas “themes” will be for next year, we aren’t even close to being done.

I’ll leave you with the best find of the show so far: