Should we call it a rut?

I feel like I’ve been slipping a lot with this blog lately. But then again, I guess it doesn’t matter… I’m doing it for myself. Right? I noticed that most of the blogs I generally read took siestas during the Holidays, which probably explains why I slowed down too. Too many other important things to do I guess.

I also don’t seem to have too many exciting things to say at the moment.. the weather’s pretty dreary, work is just a routine and not super exciting at the moment, and food in the Winter just isn’t fun to talk about.

In less than two weeks I get to travel to Dallas which will be really exciting. I’ve never been to Texas before. I’ve been all over the West, but Texas is one place I’ve always wanted to go. I’m sure I’ll come home with many stories of places I see and hopefully awesome restaurants with crazy food! It will also be a huge learning experience, so I will have lots to say when I get back. Don’t worry, I’ll be packing my camera in my snazzy new suitcase that I got for Christmas.

The new foodie pen pal list went out today! So that will make for a refreshing shopping trip and a new package to tell you guys about in a couple weeks.

But for now, bear with me. I’m around, just not really inspired at the moment. I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest – dreaming of Spring, and planning for the next season. So come and see me there, its a lot more colorful.

Please stick around, the new year is going to pick up shortly. : )


3 thoughts on “Should we call it a rut?

  1. I totally feel ya on the holiday slow down…because of the holidays I found myself disconnecting from the blogging world. Although there were a million holidays dinners to post about, recipes, and recaps, I feel like it is sometimes better just to enjoy the present moment :) Glad you are back!

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