Hi again! I hope everyone’s having a nice weekend. I worked today, but it was basically a slower day for everybody. We all moved at our own pace but got things done.

Since we don’t work until 9 on Saturdays (8 every other day of the week) I had some extra time to have a diner breakfast with a friend. Fantastic and super filling.  I had a Three-little-pigs omelet filled with bacon, ham, sausage and american cheese. Yeah. Pig is right.

Breakfast held me over until about 11:30 when I started craving something fresh…most likely from the heavy-as-a-rock breakfast that I ate.

I satisfied my craving with this:


A crunchy green apple and raw almond butter.

I spent a good part of the day doing some social media things for our company, and cleaning out my new space in the office. : )
Because I was working on our blog and facebook I had to spend some time snapping photos in the tropical greenhouses today. Here’s a taste:






















I came home to my January Conscious Box! Here is a preview:



I’ll break it down for you in a couple days. I need to dig through it and do some sampling, but from first sight it is FULL of snacky things.

What is everyone up to this weekend?



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