Homemade “clean out your fridge” pizza

In a perfect world, we would be making sauce from the sweet, juicy tomatoes in our garden…
But its winter in New Jersey and tomatoes are less than thrilling.

This will have to do:IMG_2290

In a perfect world, we would be using fresh mozzarella…
But its a Tuesday night, I worked all day, and I was lucky there was a block of mozz in the freezer.

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t be allergic to wheat, and grains wouldn’t be questionable…
But tonight Im pretending I don’t care, and Im eating crust made of brown rice…


:) Sometimes you have to indulge.

In a perfect world, I would be chopping fresh basil…
But did I mention it’s winter in NJ, and I worked all day?

Dried herbs will work just fine.

Tonight I made homemade pizza, and even though its not my “perfect world” pizza, there is still something amazing about homemade pizza. Toppings are usually chosen depending on what needs to be used up from the fridge (the best combos!) The best part is that you only need to follow instructions for the crust…there are no rules for how you put your pizza together!

10 minutes of prep time (or less) and about 14 minutes of baking…and dinner is done.

I foraged through the fridge and found half a bag of pepperoni, half a tub of mushrooms, a green pepper, red onion, and cherry tomatoes. Perfect toppings for two pizzas:




Im completely satisfied, and have an extra slice for my lunch tomorrow.

Do you guys ever make homemade pizza? What are your favorite toppings?

Supplements & vitamins

Warning – this could get boring.

Let me start by saying I am not a doctor, dietician or a nutritionist. Im just a Regular-Joe with a healthy mentality and an interest in nutrition. I’m only talking about this because I personally think that it is important for me. 

As I’ve talked about before, I see a nutritionist weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) and I take vitamins three times a day. I do not take a multi-vitamin because I feel they are too generic, meaning: not everyone needs that exact amount of those pre-determined vitamins on a daily basis. In case you didn’t already know – we are all different!

I count out my vitamins at night for the following day, and keep them in a pretty little bag in my purse. It makes life easier – my purse is already full of unnecessaries, I don’t need to add tons of chunky bottles to the mix!

I just wanted to give you guys an idea of what I take everyday and the foods that you could eat to get some of these vitamins & minerals. (This is a program designed by a Nutritionist for my body only, not yours.)

After this you may either think “Wow she’s a wing-nut” or “Wow, maybe I should see a nutritionist and get a regimen.” Either way, it’s fun to read about what others do to boost their health.

Here goes:

Vitamin C – is essential for me. It supports adrenal function (one of my past issues), skin, bones and immunity.

Vitamin C food:


Total Liver D-tox – is a natural liver detox. This supp helps boost your liver to get rid of excess toxins.

Liver detox food:


Chlorella – helps detox heavy metals (which we all are full of from antiperspirants and certain fish!)

Chlorella is an algae form… so I don’t have a food form to show you… go drink some pond scum…kidding!

Vitamin B12 – for immune support, and mood support.

Vitamin B12 food:


Calcium – supports bones, blood, cells & muscles

Calcium (non-dairy) food:


Vitamin D – to help absorb the calcium!

Vitamin D food:


Magnesium – supports nervous system, digestion, and heart. I also take it to alleviate pms and cramping every month. It has helped immensely!

Magnesium food:almonds-saidaonline

My supplements may change on a weekly basis due to my levels or deficiencies, but these are all vitamins that I have been on, and will stay on as a maintenance schedule.

I hope this made you think a little about supplementing and possibly finding a nutritionist to maximize your health!

Do any of you take any vitamins or supplements? How do you feel about supplementing?