The best exercise

Yesterday I got on my snowboard for the first time in over 2 years! I was a little nervous at first because its been so long.. but it was amazing! Its like riding a bike…you never forget. Your muscles learn this skill and never let it go.

My friend Ashley always wanted to learn how to board but never actually tried. This year, her bf bought her a snowboard for Christmas, strapped her into it and forced her onto the hill. She liked it, but needed someone to give her some tips and help her out (he’s a skier, not a boarder).

Ashley on the bunny hill
Ashley on the bunny hill

I took her to the dreaded bunny hill first. Bunny hills scare me – I think they are more dangerous than the easy trails on the mountain. Crazy kids flying all over the place, adults who have never been on skis in their lives, and nutty parents who let their kids do whatever they want. Not safe. But, I wanted to see what she was capable of before taking her up to the top of a mountain.

She had better balance than any other beginner I’ve seen, but still didn’t have any control. I taught her how to roll and do somersaults with a snowboard attached to her feet. It helped her tremendously because she was having a hard time positioning herself safely to stand up on the hill, and I taught her how to focus her weight on her dominant leg. She started improving immediately.

Together on the mountain. It was gorgeous.

We went to the top of the mountain and had an amazing time. I taught her how to use her arms for balance, and how to glide around. By the end of the day she was gracefully sliding down the mountain without any falls. It was amazing and rewarding. She felt like she knew what she was doing and I felt like I had accomplished something.

My body is happily soar, and grateful for the extra activity. Snowboarding is a full body workout.  I can’t wait to go back. I missed it!

Its beautiful and sunny here after our 6inches of snow.

How is everyones weekend?


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