Banana pancakes changed my life.

Everybody knows I don’t eat wheat. That doesn’t mean I don’t miss it sometimes though…especially when it comes to things like pasta, my dads rolls, big, soft sandwich bread, and of course….pancakes.

But I just discovered banana pancakes. One banana and one egg mashed together = three pancakes. What?! I thought it was weird too, but then I kept seeing it on blogs, Pinterest, in books, etc. So I finally got the itch and had to attempt it.


Blew. Me. Away.

Maybe I shouldn’t be this excited about it, but I am. Its so quick and easy, and satisfying. Its basically a banana omelette, but the consistency is pancake. When you take a bite its definitely hard to believe that its just two ingredients, and the aftermath doesn’t leave you feeling gross and full like a regular pancake generally makes you feel. Amazed? Me too.

Recipe for one:

One banana
One egg

Mash banana in a bowl, add egg, mix. Done.

If you want to double the recipe for two…you can.

Life doesn’t get any easier people. : )


Have you ever done this?


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