It’s been a while

I feel horrible that I haven’t been here. It’s been almost 20 days! Thats ridiculous. I honestly don’t have anything interesting to share either… I’ve just been working. Working my butt off. Warm weather and Spring makes me a dull dull girl. Well I guess it only makes me dull when it comes to blogging. Oops.

Lets see what I’ve been up to…

Since April 3 (which is the last post I’ve written) I’ve gotten a tattoo. (I guess thats big news!)

I helped design a garden made almost entirely of pottery.. looks very cool in person.




I’ve unloaded truckload after truckload of plants, with many many more coming.



Took a quick trip to West Chester for a house warming/birthday party of a very close friend. I don’t really have any good pictures from it though!

And oh yeah… had to replace my windshield. That was fun. No photo needed to know how crappy that is.

So thats about it guys, wish we could spend more time together, but it may be a month of so of quick posts and ramblings.. Please don’t go far! I have a Foodie Pen Pal post coming up soon.. Can’t show it until the 31st though! Talk to you all very soon.

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