Coming back

I don’t know why I had such a hard time sticking to blogging. I really do love it and think about it all the time. I look at things and think, “man I could write a really good post about this.”

Since I haven’t done anything to this blog in over a year…. (year and a half now), I’ve decided to come back. I know there isn’t anyone here waiting to hear from me, or anyone that believes I’ll show face once a week (or even once month), but I want to be here. I have so much that has happened to me in the last year and a half that I feel like I need to document it. I need to keep track of projects and express myself in some way.

Only a few life changing events have happened since last July…

A year ago I adopted a dog. I love him.

6 months ago I bought a house. It was scary but I love it.

6 months ago I quit my job. That job I used to obsess about how much I loved? Yep. Its gone.

6 months ago I started a new job. I never thought I would get a new job, its been a roller coaster.

So yeah, I’ve got a lot to talk about. House projects, work, money saving. I don’t really know what category this blog falls under but Im thinking about just keeping it listed under Life.

This is just a little post for me to pour out my feelings… but I will be back shortly with tons more to say.

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