Starting over

I joined the real world in 2010 after graduating from college. Not really the real world, if I’m being honest…I lived at home in the coziness of my parents house, where I was fed and kept warm, all for free of course. I worked for my moms retail company, so I didn’t need to apply, and I could come and go as I pleased. I left my parents for a few months to live with a boyfriend while I tried out an internship for fun. It wasn’t the real world, it was fantasy.

When I really started loving my job with my mom, I made the conscious decision that I could stop looking for other work, other big-girl-jobs, because there was nothing wrong with what I was doing, I was GOOD at what I was doing. So I was switched from an hourly pay check to a salary and I started putting in way more effort, jumping to the top of the management chain, kicking ass and taking names, running a wholesale/retail operation, merchandising and selling. It was fun.

Skip a few years ahead, the owner of the business passed away, it fell apart and we all had to leave. I went to a competitor for work and was welcomed with open arms, told I could start two days later, and my salary was matched. Boom, easy.

Well that place sucked. It was not the blissful, hard-working environment I was used to. The management was lazy, the owners were horrible, and so on and so on. But I needed money. I had just purchased a new home for myself at the ripe age of 25, and I did it alone.

So I stuck it out. Through the mental strain, drain, and ridicule. Until finally, after two years, the owner decided he was done with my strong-mindedness. Long story short – I joined the unemployment community. (With FULL support from the rest of the staff at that awful place – if i didn’t know any better, I think they were all a little jealous of my severance).

The initial event was a little embarrassing, but after a week of letting it sink in, I was excited. I had the summer to do what I wanted, no work on the weekends, no early morning wake up calls. It was wonderful. I spent the summer traveling for fun, helping family members, celebrating my sisters engagement and upcoming wedding, and I didn’t look back.

And so thats that. In a very brief, summed up kind of story. Thats how I went from working like a dog to being unemployed.

6 months later: Boredom is starting to set in. I don’t know if its boredom, maybe loneliness, a sense of not being a part of something. I have plenty to do around the house, organization, cleaning, and plenty of time for cooking that I had never had before. I even started an Etsy store, selling things that I was making for fun and to stretch my creative muscles.

I feel like I’m on a journey, but Im not entirely sure where Im headed. So stay tuned.