Hi, Im Katie and thanks for visiting! My blog is a little bit of everything…its my place to talk about living a healthy lifestyle which usually includes food, work, fun things and ramblings. I like to speak my mind and tell stories, so you will always find something different here! I try to focus my energy on keeping my mind and body balanced and as healthy as possible. I hope you stick around and enjoy!

About me collage

A little bit more about myself and why I believe in balance…

Lets start in college. When I was a sophomore I hit rock bottom. Its hard for people to realize that at such a young age, 19, you could already be so unhealthy…but it happened to me. I was heavy, not over weight, but weighed more than I should. I struggled with anxiety, could barely eat or sleep, and cried all the time. It all started after taking birth control…which is another story in itself.

Luckily, I had a family connection to a nutritionist who basically saved my life and I have been seeing him ever since. He taught me what my body wanted, and showed me the affects of what I was eating. My goals were to regulate my hormones with nutrition…weight loss was only a bonus.

At my heaviest.. with my cousin at a family wedding.
At my heaviest weight 175.. with my cousin at a family wedding.
My sister and I
My sister and I

I have lost 40 pounds since my college graduation three years ago, and weigh less than I did in high school. I don’t diet and I don’t frequent the gym, but I do love being active. I simply made lifestyle choices that changed the way I will look at food for the rest of my life. I eliminated wheat, sugar, and most dairy products. (I do know when to indulge and will have a taste of one of these terrible things every once in a while). Im working on becoming completely paleo, but Im having a hard time giving up potatoes and the occasional serving of brown rice. Ugh. I also love peanut butter. But it helps that a handful of my best friends follow this lifestyle as well, and that my dad has an enormous veggie garden all summer.

At my healthy weight of 135 (Im in the middle)… At my best friends wedding in 2012.

I work at a garden center where I buy and sell plants in the sun all day. My job is very active (which is why I feel the need to skip the gym). I deal with customers, use my design and PR background and have a lot of fun. It’s possibly the best job in the world. I’m finding that I’m a gardener at heart (something I tried to repel my whole life..since my parents are horticulturalists) but I don’t have the garden yet. For now, I just share with my mom and dad.

I believe in balance. Balance of work, fun, family, friends, emotions and my body.
Not every day is a balance…but thats the beauty of it.

I started a blog so that I had a place to share my passion for food and life and everything in between. I like to post about my lifestyle and random things that get thrown my way. I hope you stick around and enjoy!

Outer Banks 2012 – I finally feel like Im at a comfortable happy weight. A few little changes in food changed my weight forever.

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    1. This month was actually my first… But it was awesome. I had so much fun shopping for my penpal and I was so excited to get mine! If you are curious about it you should give it a try.

    1. Hi Theresa! I like to read about my favorites too, which inspired me to share more about myself here. I hope I can help people who struggle like I did. Being laid back is easy, and I think thats what helped me change!

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