60 days of life

Day one.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2/60 (These photos are just more than flowers. They represent the first garden tour my mom and I ever did together. When I was a kid they toured all the time and I always dragged my feet and complained about the heat. This time I appreciated every second and even taught her a few things.)


I have been kicking myself lately for not carrying my camera around anymore. I always rely on my iphone and lately it just hasn’t been doing it for me. Nowadays I see something really cool and quick snap a picture with my iphone and am immediately dissatisfied.

So I’m trying something new. I completely dumped my purse, put in a much smaller wallet and took out all of the unnecessaries that keep somehow ending up in my bag. And I know you all know exactly what I mean… a huge bottle of lotion that has no business being in there, hand lotion (which I rarely use in the summer), spare change, a pen, another pen, gum wrappers, a plastic baggy, bobbie pins…oh the pins…and so it goes. It’s so easy when you’re running out the door in the morning to throw things in that you think you might need later in the day. No more.

This morning I was blog-surfing, finally, and really wishing I had taken more pictures lately. So now I’m going to. I was mostly inspired by Elsie and her 365 Days at Home and her love for lifestyle photography. I would love to follow in her footsteps and try to do that, but Im going to start with 60 days for now. Kind of like a way to document the rest of this speedy summer, our upcoming vacation, and the best time of year. I’m sure I’ll miss a day here and there – such is life – but I figure I’ll just make up for it in the next post. Maybe one post will have multiple pictures. Who knows, there aren’t any rules.

I feel really great about this actually… I hope it inspires others to take more photos.