What I ate



Happy Hump Day. Congrats on getting over the mid-week hump. Only two more days until the weekend! Im still excited about it, even though I have to work Saturday. For some psychological reason I like the second half of the week better than the first.

In honor of the sunny day-off that I had, I wanted to take part in WIAW. I love reading everyone else’s WIAW posts, (read Brittany’s and Jenn’s – the girl who started it all) but never seem to have time to do one of my own. (I also don’t feel like a food blogger.) But today I had a nice planned grocery trip (which I never do) with a lovely list of yummies so that I can make my lunch for the rest of the week. Then I came home and made a fantastic lunch, and thought man I wanna show people what I ate today.

And so, here it is:



I started my day with banana pancakes and bacon, that I didn’t take a photo of.. I wasn’t thinking at that point. You can see my banana pancakes from a while back here though.







For lunch I made turkey wraps. I used Boar’s Head turkey and filled it with sliced cucumber, mango, sprouts, and chopped brussels sprouts. I spread a little bit of mayo on the turkey and drizzled a bit of Sriracha for spice. Arugula and tomatoes on the side with extra cucumber and oil and vinegar. It was really good. I also set out an organic Gala apple to have with lunch, but ended up being too full and snacking on it later.



I tend to drink more coffee when Im at work and everyone else is drinking it, but when Im home I generally only have two cups in the morning. Today I felt like an afternoon coffee.. and it hit the spot.



Dinner was simple. My dad’s friend gave him a huge ring of kilbasi recently, so he threw that on the grill while I made a brussels sprout salad with a hot vinegar and mustard dressing. I ate my kilbasi with spicy brown mustard made with beer. Definitely satisfying.

Today was a day to myself except that I got to spend the afternoon with my buddy Teddy. IMG_2558

What did you guys eat today?


My devotion to greens

Lately I’ve been eating a lot of the same things. I think they may be my favorite foods but I hate saying I have favorites because I love to eat so many different things.

They are all greens!


I can not get enough kale. When I finish up a bunch I freak out a little bit because I feel like I should ALWAYS have kale on hand. The chewy/crunchiness of it is incredible. It’s so easy to make too. Sometimes I just toss it in olive oil and a little bit of salt and throw it in a pan for a couple of minutes. Other times I toss it in the same ingredients and broil it to make it extra crunchy. (BE CAREFUL! I lit it on fire when I was in the Outer Banks because I was toooo distracted!)
I also like to mix it in with other veggies (eggplant!) or scrambled eggs. Yum.


So refreshing. The peppery, slightly bitter crunch of arugula is awesome. My favorite way to eat arugula is under a tomato salad with a little bit of balsamic vinegar.  I also will nibble on a couple of leaves if I open the fridge to find some sort of snack. I find that I always eat arugula and tomatoes on the side of a nice juicy steak.. maybe they are just a nice match.

I guess my guilty pleasures could be SO much worse… but these two greens are heavenly.

Does anyone have any good recipes for arugula or kale? Or a suggestion on how to put them together?