Relaxed and ready to go

I’m fresh off of the boat from North Carolina. I made it home last night around 10pm…after a long and wet 12 hour ride home. 12 hours?! Yep. Rain and A LOT of traffic made our cramped ride home an eventful one. But now I’m home, full of coffee, and ready to start the laundry process.

Our trip was a lot of fun, and much different than last year. I don’t really think you can compare vacations like this from year to year. The company is always different, along with location, attitudes, and weather. We had a lot of rainy mornings and a few cloud-covered days, but the weather did not damper our experience whatsoever (except for the cancelled wake-boarding trip that we can always plan again next year). College friends and their significant others made this trip a unique and different one in so many ways.


Our house was an improvement from last year. We had our own pool, hot tub, foosball, horseshoes, beach volleyball, and lots of toys. We were a two-block walk from the beach, grocery store, farmers market, and a touristy shopping center that I grew up loving. We also had a captain’s deck on the top of the house that we drank coffee on every morning and hung out on every night. Each night someone made a family dinner for the group while the rest of us played and drank and swam. Our last night we had a huge family-style seafood feast which was the perfect end to an awesome vaca.


No need to really go into any more detail. It was a fun and easy vacation filled with sand and sun (and clouds) and lots of playing and drinking. Here are a bunch of photos to prove it! Where is my favorite place to vacation? Definitely the Outer Banks. Always has been, always will be.