Free days

Today is day one of two days off in a row and I’m already jumpy and wondering what to do with myself. I really don’t like not being busy! (Unless I’m on a vacation or somewhere far away). Some people live for their days off… but not me. Weird huh. It may have something to do with the fact that my friends that live near by work strange hours and my college friends live two hours away. I am somewhat grateful for the day off today though due to the 95-100 degree weather we’ve been having!

So today I’m thinking of taking my time at the grocery store, which is always dangerous, and spending some money on summer clothes for my vacation (which is in less than a month!!). I also need to spend a little bit of time out in the sun to get rid of this awful sock tan that I’m sporting – one of the bonuses of greenhouse-life. It doesn’t help that my best friends love pointing out that it looks like I’m getting in the pool with my white socks and shorts on…thanks guys.

This is just a little short post to say hi and update you on my day. I’ll probably post something fun later or tomorrow since I have lots of time to kill! Have a lovely day.

Here’s something pretty for you to look at.


This is a house on Long Island (basically in the Hamptons!) that my mom and I visited for a garden tour recently. It’s owned by one of my fancy plant-growers and Im in awe of their entire house, especially this patio.

Dare to dream.

A summery mess

Hey guys. Hopefully some of you are still out there…. waiting for me to post. It’s been quite a while. Over two months. I haven’t forgotten, its been haunting me that I haven’t been writing, just been too busy or tired to even start thinking of writing something.

Work has finally died down, but now the next project starts. Christmas. Yes, I know its 6 months away, but 6 months is barely enough time for us to price, organize, set-up and display the thousands of decorations and such that we handle. To me, Christmas doesn’t mean a holiday anymore, it means a huge project to tackle.

Anyway. I am writing just to write. I have no topic.. just trying to get myself back into the groove of blogging. I really love it, I just need to get my brain back into that mode I guess. I haven’t even been reading blogs!

So since I’ve been gone what have I been doing?

Taking lots of pictures and maintaining our social media for our garden center, working outside all day… even on my days off I’ve been helping one of my friends who designs gardens. I’ve been galavanting back and forth between college friends houses and home, driving straight to them after work and spending weekends. And trying to find a little bit of time for myself in between it all. Summer seems to get away from you, doesn’t it?

Here’s a random photo mash-up of life lately.

life lately



If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably already seen a bunch of these pictures… Instagram is one of my favorite places to be.. so if you haven’t found me yet, you should… my screen name is krtaylor88. I hope you find me so I can follow you back!

I’ll be back soon.. I have all kinds of ideas spinning through my mind and I’ll have to write them all down soon enough.

See you all soon!