First day of March

Hi friends! I’ve been kind of all over the place this week.. I kept thinking of little things I really wanted to blog about and then my pillow just seemed more important…sorry. I believe in sleep.

A little side note – I’ve been noticing a lot of new readers! Thanks for visiting me, I hope you stick around and enjoy my ramblings… And leave me comments! I love to hear from you guys…We have tons in common!

Today is the first day of March, which means this bone-chilling Winter is almost over. As I get older, I’m realizing more and more how much I despise this season. I love my snowboard….but when it comes to the freezing rain, black ice, gusts of wind, ugh its just flat-out depressing.

I spent a lot of my down time this week on blogs… what else is new? I’m never too tired to read blogs and to stumble around the internet. In my travels I stumbled upon Nutritionella. I found Elle through Lindsay… and discovered their HealthysELF challenge.

The girls created a schedule that gives you three challenges to do a week that will help you focus on becoming the best you that you can be.

This is their mantra:


I saw this button, and fell in love. Every girl should live their life to these standards… because once you fall into the pattern of these rules, you will learn to love yourself and love your life.

I also decided that I have been depending too much on food lately to make me healthy. I eat right and avoid things that I know are terrible for me, but what about exercise and well-being? I think I may be letting those important things fall by the way side.

Its time for a change! Im starting this challenge tomorrow, March 2nd. A new month, a new season, and a new me…maybe not new.. but better.

Now I have to spend the night trying to avoid the huge box of Girl Scout cookies my dad bought today.

Here goes!

If you are interested in joining in on this challenge click on the button above! It would be really fun to do this with some friends. 

Are any of you doing any challenges like this?

A few of my favorite things…

Back in April I did a post about 5 things that I love… and on this dreary, windy, hurricane day I decided to write about some things that make me happy and comfortable. The wind is ripping through the trees right now and rain is pelting my windows. Luckily, we have a huge generator that runs our entire house. My moms cooking and doing laundry while everyone else watches tv and I sit at my computer. I guess it could be worse, huh?

Its still miserable. I probably wont work tomorrow…. and I can’t sit in the house for long periods of time without much to do. So I decided I’d share a few things that I just cant get enough of right now to kill some time. Here we go.

Jasmine Green Tea

I always love green tea. Hot tea seems to just soothe everything. There is something very addicting about Jasmine tea to me though. It calms me, its tasty, and it makes you feel good. Yum.

Spicy Food

Its a pretty general statement but in general I love spicy food. I’ll put hot sauce on almost anything and I’ll mix chile sauce into almost anything. Have you ever had spicy hot chocolate??? Incredible. I’ll have to post a recipe for that one. Spicy food is also extremely good for you. Hot peppers are full of vitamin c, can ward off parasites and colds, and can raise endorphins. So eat up and sweat it out! : )














I love lemons. I rarely drink water without a lemon in it. It just feels so refreshing to squeeze a lemon into cold water. But I also love lemons when I cook… I can’t eat seafood without some kind of citrus, and I usually add extra lime to guacamole. I’ve noticed that if you are cooking and you feel that your dish is missing something, a sliver of lemon can usually finish it off. I also feel like I’m always adding a boost when I use a little bit of a lemon for flavor because its such a great detoxifier.

My Betty Crocker “Hearthealth” Cookbook

This cookbook got me through college. My roommates and I had a deal that we would each cook dinner one night a week, and scheduled it depending on our class situation. This forced us to be creative and not eat the same-old-college-kid-dinners every week. I found some of my favorite recipes in this cookbook (including a pad thai recipe that has topped the rest, which I plan on sharing sometime in the near future!). The book also has a lot of tips and tricks in it, and teaches the basics for those who may not be so savvy in the kitchen.

Chilly, sunny days

Almost everybody loves fall, but the cold, gray days are the worst. I love those days when its crisp and cold but the sky is as blue as it can be. Those are my favorite days. September was full of them but now that we are really getting deep into fall the grayness is starting to last longer.. and the hurricane isn’t helping!

Ps. These photos today aren’t mine. Not usually something I do, but I borrowed them all from Pinterest.

Have a warm, dry day and be safe.