A rant and new shoes

I don’t feel good. I kind of fell off the wagon last week with my diet. (By the way, I hate the word diet. When I say it I don’t mean the I’m-on-a-diet kind of diet.. I mean my diet, the what-I-eat-on-a-daily-basis diet.) Glad we cleared that up.

Anyway, with such a busy schedule last week, it turned into I eat when I can kind of lunches, and let me add cheese to everything I eat because I’m too tired to care if I break out. Three pieces of pizza for lunch one day.. soooo tasty, but the first wheat flour I’ve had in months. Cheddar cheese added to my salad topped with turkey (great combo), creamy soups, and then Easter. Of course I had to have my aunt’s coffee cake yesterday too, because she went so far out of her way to make it for the holiday. Aye.

My point is, after eliminating a lot of things from my diet (especially wheat) I completely notice a change in myself when I mistakenly (or purposely) eat it again. My daily motivation hits the floor, I feel groggy, my brain is foggy, and I can get cranky. So for the next few days I will focus on getting away from those bad foods again and cleansing my body.

I dont look at this as a negative thing, I actually think its really positive that I see a difference, even when its bad. It reminds me how good I can feel and the reasons why I’ve eliminated these foods in the first place. It makes me wonder though… what do certain foods do to people who don’t really know they shouldn’t be eating something particular?

I wish people knew how good their bodies were supposed to feel.

Thats my rant.

On a lighter note, I got new shoes.


New Balance Minimus. And I mean it when I say “on a lighter note”. These shoes have nothing to them, and I LOVE them. Its as close to barefoot as you can get without actually being barefoot. I love it, especially because I believe being barefoot is extremely beneficial. I’m a person that is on my feet all day long and I want my stance and walk to be as natural as possible. They breathe tooooo! There are warnings on them to slowly introduce them into routines so that you don’t hurt yourself. Going from sneakers to minimal shoes can put stress on your arches, calves and achilles. I have to space them out and incorporate them into my days. I like the bottoms:


I’ll let you know how it goes.

Do you guys believe in going barefoot?