Photos from Cape May

I keep meaning to post these and obviously forgetting. In September my grandparents rented a 9 bedroom house for the family to vacation in Cape May, NJ. My parents and grandparents spent the week, while my sister, cousins, friends and I stopped in on the days that were convenient for us. The house was massive with a heated pool and three stories of large, airy bedrooms, two blocks from the pebbly beach. Cape May is like visiting another world, without leaving the state. The weather was chilly and sunny…beautiful.

Do you ever go on vacation in the fall?


August was a busy month for me. I just got back from my best friend’s wedding, which was a three day event since I was the Maid of Honor. And the week before that I spent 7 days in the Outer Banks with a lovely bunch of college friends. In between vacation and work I had to help the bride with finishing details, write a speech, make a slideshow, and so on and so on.

So now Im back… it is a new month and I can finally take a breath. Today was a pretty relaxing day; I didn’t work today because of the holiday and I didn’t go anywhere because of the dreary weather. I did some laundry, drank some coffee, uploaded and organized some photos and did some thinking. I decided that since it is a new month and my crazy schedule will has finally leveled out, I should make myself some goals for this month. I’m only going to start with 5 goals…Don’t want to fail on my first try! So here goes…

1) Drink more water. This is something I always try to do. I don’t really drink anything other than coffee or water (occasionally seltzer) but I could definitely drink more water – we all could. Water helps you maintain/lose weight, cleanses your body, and keeps your skin clear. When I’m at work I number my water bottles. It helps keep me focused on how much I’m drinking, and motivates me to drink more. When I started doing this two of my friends at work thought it was a good idea and tagged along. I just have to keep it up! (ps. I almost always add a lemon.)

2) Sit up straight. This one just came up as Im sitting here slouched over my keyboard. My mom usually tells us when we are slouching at the dinner table..but I am rarely conscious of it. I need to work on pushing my shoulders back and better posture. Good luck with this one…

3) Keep my room/car clean. I usually try to keep a pretty clean living space.. but work and life get in the way a lot. My car is the same way, its new so it makes me somewhat conscious of it, but as my car gets older I seem to not care as much. Im either in my car or in my room – so if these are both clean I feel like my brain will be less cluttered. Here goes.

4) Eat clean. While I was on vacation, I discovered the Paleo Diet. My friend’s boyfriend follows this lifestyle and I was intrigued by it. I somewhat follow it already because I cut out wheat and many grains…but I would love to totally cut out preservatives and other bad things. This will take time, but I think I can manage it.

5) Save money. I now have taken on all of my bills (aside from rent and food since I’m still an adult child at home). I still tend to splurge on things I don’t need.. I need to up my savings.

These are probably some typical goals that most people try to follow.. but do they really actually follow them? Lets see how I do.

What would your monthly goals be?