Yogurt and yoga

I love yogurt. Especially Chobani. The cups just aren’t big enough! I used to go through phases with yogurt.. I’d be in the mood, buy a bunch, and then they would go bad in the fridge. I especially never liked chunky yogurt. Ever.

But then something happened when I moved into my own house. I started shopping totally for myself and decided one day that I was in one of those rare yogurty moods. I grabbed a Chobani Flip and couldn’t stop obsessing.

Now every time I go to the grocery store I buy handfuls of Chobani. Handful was an understatement.. I can’t usually carry¬†the amount that I buy. Breakfast, snack, dessert… I really cant stop.

My go-to is coconut (I buy those in 4-packs), the flips are usually eaten before bed (I especially like the chocolate, almond, coconut one) and the banana, dark chocolate Indulgent, yeah those are gone in seconds.


I even cook with it! The other day I made kale and artichoke dip with Chobani’s plain greek yogurt. Oh so good.

Today I had one of the Limited Batch Apple Cinnamon. So yummy and festive. Pumpkin is delicious too. I hope that they come out with another Limited Batch for Christmas. Maybe something else to do with cinnamon.. or cranberry?

For the record this wasn’t a sponsored ad. I just love the stuff.


I also just realized that my yoga book made a cameo in that photo. Didn’t notice it at first. Ive been trying to slowly work myself into yoga. I love the idea of it and envy yogis for their strength and grace. I’ve never taken an actual class and Im wondering if thats why I don’t really feel like I can say, “I do yoga”.

But I have a pretty mat!


It fascinates me though. I follow yoga instructors on Instagram and my cousin is also an instructor and sent me the book in the photo a while back when I first told her I was interested. Too bad she lives in Wisconsin or I would have my own personal instructor.

There wasn’t much point to this post.. other than expressing my love for two somewhat random things. I think Im going to go do some sun salutations now… At least Im motivated today!


Sunday ramblings two


I wish it was a little bit warmer so that we could sit on a rooftop deck somewhere in North Carolina and drink beers or iced tea together. But its March and I wouldn’t say its cold…but its definitely not warm. For the last week or so, when its sunny its super windy and when its warm its rainy. Can’t catch a break!

Today was a day off for me (finally!!). I haven’t really taken one in over two weeks. Between Easter and being in charge of special plant orders for the holiday and spending some days at a Garden show for work, I haven’t had much time for myself.

Today I slept in as much as my body would let me…which meant I was up at 7. I got to finish a little bit of laundry and sit down for breakfast with my dad and my younger sister who’s visiting for the weekend.

My mom’s birthday is on Wednesday so I also took advantage of my time and ran out to get her a little gift.IMG_2492

She has quite an eclectic collection of dishes and bowls that she likes to serve snacks and salads in when we have guests or a fancy dinner. I got her an awesome dish from Pier 1 for Christmas, and found two bowls that match it today for her birthday. Can’t wait to add to her funky collection. (She also started one for me recently..too bad the dishes are still wrapped up in my Hope Chest waiting to be used).

After Pier 1 I ran into the grocery store..like always. I wanted to grab a few things to crunch on at work for the week and it turned into a major fruit haul. Mangos, grapefruit, apples & tomatoes.

So now Im snacking on a super delicious Fuji apple and a chunk of Muenster cheese.

IMG_2496With a Cosmic Cranberry Kombucha on the side to boost my immune system a little bit.

Oh, and yesterday I brought home another addition to my plant family. I have such a soft spot for succulents and cactus. I can’t explain it, but I especially love them when they bloom. And this ones about to.IMG_2499

Good thing I don’t have my own place yet! I’d be spending a lot on house plants. They just cheer up a room so much, and my mom has them everywhere.

Now that the suns starting to go down Im going to relax with my Organic Farm & Garden magazine that I found at the store today, and have some of my dads homemade chili. Sounds like a good Sunday night to me.

How did you spend your time today?