Blog love

I love bloggers. I feel a huge connection to them, like we all have similar traits that make us want to document our lives and share things with other people. We all share a bond and a community.

Blogging has become such a positive thing in my life too. I have found that bloggers are extremely supportive of each other, and of their readers. This makes me proud to be part of this community. I love coming to my blog to see that I’ve had new visitors every day and to learn that I’ve inspired someone, even if it is just to make a pizza or go to the store.

With all of that said, I wanted to share two blogs that I have grown to love over the past few weeks!

A Healthy Slice of Life – Brittany is a new mom with an awesome attitude. She shares recipes, daily happenings with her daughter, and healthy living tips. Its a cheerful, inspiring blog to visit.

A Beautiful Mess – Im sure a lot of you have heard of A Beautiful Mess. If you haven’t, you better get over there. I have followed Elsie and Emma on Instagram for a while now, and Im becoming completely, shamelessly addicted to their blog. They post multiple times a day about everything. DIY projects, recipes, design, weddings, restaurants, etc. The photos are fantastic and the DIY stuff that they do is awesome.

(These are just two of my favorites, but if you go to my Blogs I Read button, you will see other sites that I frequent on the daily!)

This past week was chock full and seemed to fly by. I spent the week working my butt off to get ready for Spring at work. Easter is right around the corner, and thats when the Spring-fever madness starts. People love plants…there is something therapeutic about planting a garden and nurturing it to its full potential.

Heres a little taste from my week:

IMG_2342 IMG_2336 IMG_2350 IMG_2351IMG_2332IMG_2347

I plan on going on a short hike today with a friend… to catch up on life and her new job, while breaking a little bit of a sweat. Happy Sunday, I hope you are all doing something relaxing and fun.

Has blogging affected your life in any way? Whether you are a reader or a blogger?




Hi again! I hope everyone’s having a nice weekend. I worked today, but it was basically a slower day for everybody. We all moved at our own pace but got things done.

Since we don’t work until 9 on Saturdays (8 every other day of the week) I had some extra time to have a diner breakfast with a friend. Fantastic and super filling.  I had a Three-little-pigs omelet filled with bacon, ham, sausage and american cheese. Yeah. Pig is right.

Breakfast held me over until about 11:30 when I started craving something fresh…most likely from the heavy-as-a-rock breakfast that I ate.

I satisfied my craving with this:


A crunchy green apple and raw almond butter.

I spent a good part of the day doing some social media things for our company, and cleaning out my new space in the office. : )
Because I was working on our blog and facebook I had to spend some time snapping photos in the tropical greenhouses today. Here’s a taste:






















I came home to my January Conscious Box! Here is a preview:



I’ll break it down for you in a couple days. I need to dig through it and do some sampling, but from first sight it is FULL of snacky things.

What is everyone up to this weekend?