Oops.. I went missing again…

I’m sorry. It seems that I keep going missing. I really am into my blog…I swear. I just get so distracted and so tired. But here’s a little update on where I’ve been:

At work! As I’ve said a bagillion times before, I LOVE my job. And since the last time I posted I have learned tons more and taken on even more responsibility! The seasons are changing, and that makes work busy and fun. It’s a never-ending, always changing work place, and I’m pretty sure that is my favorite part. I’m also becoming a lot closer with a few of the younger crew too; it’s nice to have friends at work. (I’m even learning how to drive the big-boy machines!)

Here’s a little something I threw together at work yesterday:

I have also been spending a good portion of my time on my best friend’s wedding. I have been planning Bridal Shower’s, Bachelorette Camping trips, centerpieces, slideshows, odds & ends. Its a little stressful, but SO amazing that she is getting married, and that she has made me such a big part of it. She’s my second sister which is why I dont mind wearing cowboy boots to her wedding… :)

Another thing I’ve been up to (and enjoying) is garden touring. The weather has been really nice lately, and my mom knows all of the interesting, funky spots to visit. So her and I, sometimes my dad and a friend or two from my work, will go and spend the day touring a fancy garden with some kind of wacky story. Tuesday I’m attending a Garden Center tour up and down the coast of New Jersey. Those are fun because we get to see what other nurseries are doing (and get to “borrow” some ideas).

I have been focusing a lot of my time on healthy eating and well being. This isn’t out of the ordinary for me, but I have to be extra careful with my diet. I ran into a little trouble with my health the last two months or so, so I have been extra careful. I’ve been totally cutting out wheat and sugar (which is usually my case) and staying away from rice, certain kinds of meats and extra sugary fruits (ie. bananas and oranges..TOUGH!). A lot of it is only temporary until I get back into balance..but for now its a battle. Won’t bore you with the ugly details! I really miss bananas..

It is a good time to be extra healthy though with the way our garden is producing veggies!

I just made my first batch of overnight oats! Im so excited.. I can’t wait to eat them. I usually have a hard time eating oatmeal, the consistency sometimes gets to me, and I can’t really stomach it once it starts to cool down. But overnight oats are different, they are eaten cold like a cereal. I LOVE cold cereal, but they all mainly consist of wheat, rice flours, and sugar. All ingredients I have to avoid. Heres hoping!

 Overnight Oats:

1/3 cup of rolled oats
1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk
1/2 cup of vanilla almond milk
pinch of cinnamon

-all stirred together and soaking happily in the fridge…
(I plan on dropping some blueberries and sliced strawberries in it in the morning!)

Okay thats enough updating for the night I think… I’ll be back soon.. I promise.