An accomplished Sunday

I am fortunate enough to live on the Jersey side of the Delaware Water Gap. If you don’t know what that is, it is a split between two huge mountains that separates NJ and PA. If you are a frequenter to the Poconos or to NYC then you’ve probably traveled through this iconic landmark along the way. A large portion of Mount Tammany (the mountain on the Jersey side) is actually part of my family’s tree farm.

Today one of my old friends and I went for a hike through the gap. We started at the bottom by the river and climbed about a mile and half to the top, and then about a mile and a half back around to the bottom.

It was intense. Brisk burn-your-chest air actually felt really good in my lungs, and my legs burned like no other. The best part about this trail was that it was super steep all the way to the top but then levels out and eases you down the back-side of the mountain. A great way to heat up and sweat and then cool down on the way to the car! Im going to be sore tomorrow for sure, and Im totally looking forward to it.

I was thoughtful today and grabbed my fancy camera for fun pictures. Too bad I haven’t charged it in a month…Nobody’s perfect.

My friend Lauren as we started on the trail
My friend Lauren as we started on the trail
Our view of the PA side from the top.
Our view of the PA side from the top.

It was chilly today, and even flurried on us while we climbed to the top. I definitely broke a sweat, but got kind of chilly on the way back down the trail.

We planned on having lunch after our hike and decided Panera was a good choice for a hot drink and a soup.

I had a chai tea latte. Sometimes they are too sweet for me, but this was perfect for today, and seemed extra spicy.


For lunch, a spicy tomato soup with focaccia croutons (oh baby did I break my wheat rule), and a thai chicken salad with peanuty dressing and pickled vegetables.  soupsalad

I did indulge in the croutons in the soup, but avoided the fried noodles in the salad. I guess I just was picky. This lunch completely hit the spot after such an awesome workout.

I’m just tying up some loose ends tonight. A few freelance flyers to finish up and some laundry.
Full week of work ahead of me!

How did you guys spend your weekend?

November Foodie Penpal

Hi! Today I finally get to share what my lovely foodie penpal Sophie sent me! This was my first penpal box that I’ve received and it did not disappoint.  The day I got my delivery I was super psyched…and had to write a post about it (even though I couldn’t reveal anything yet.) You can read that here.

I found foodie penpals by accident. I was on Instagram searching around and saw that one of the girls I follow had revealed her penpal box. I was kind of confused but totally intrigued so I clicked on the tag #foodiepenpal. Thats how I got my start. I logged on to Lindsay’s website and immediately got on the list for November.

I had the best time shopping for things to send to my penpal Hima. I wanted to send her things that I loved…and hoped that she would find a new favorite snack in my box of goodies. Both of my penpals were from California! I love that I sent a box of food to the west coast and received a box of food from the west coast. Yeah yeah Im a dork.

So here is what was in my glorious first box of goodies:

Organic sun dried tomatoes
Organic dried ancho peppers
Organic dried mangoes
Organic dried apples
Organic goji berry coconut chocolate energy snacks
French vanilla dark chocolate
Hot pepper Jam
…and a recipe for a gluten free pear almond tart! (Can’t wait to try it.)

Woah. I have obviously already started cutting into the huge hunk of chocolate…I can’t resist. And the goji berry coconut energy snacks are bizarre but fantastic.  They are bite size and they pack a punch. I haven’t opened the dried fruits yet, but I’m taking them to work with me to keep in my desk as mid-day energy boosters.

But my favorite thing in the box? The hot pepper jam.

Its sweet and really spicy and I love it. My dad and I spread it on crackers, I put it on a sandwich, tacos, etc. I want to mix it with cream cheese and turn in into a dip. Sophie, you’re awesome.

That’s it for me today… if you would like to see what I sent to my penpal, Hima, head to her blog All Four Burners.

Visit my sending penpal, Sophie, at If I Ever Owned a Bakery.

And join Foodie Penpals!!!